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The Crude, The Sad, And The Crazy

May 7, 2013

Crude Sad and Crazy

In the “bad old days” before the promethean rise of the internet, the NRA could maintain a facade of respectability in public while privately courting insurrectionist lunatics to power their infernal clout machine. Just as the GOP has been overrun by their own mob, the NRA has been forced to publicly embrace their hoard of diluted, rage-drunk cowards they’ve had stewing in fear and loathing for the past couple decades.

Most of this is not new for the NRA. This is the same kind of paranoid, “Us vs. Them”, evil gubmint bullshit they were spewing back in the 90’s. That is until rescuers were recovering dead children from the ruins of a federal building in Oklahoma City that was cut in half by a Freedom Blast. That’s the unfortunate downside to the insurrection fantasies they’re  cultivating in their terrified members. Every once in a while one of them actually put’s their gun (or bomb) where their mouth is and kills people.


Running around a room full of powder kegs firing a blow torch will occasionally set one off.

At this point I’m just waiting to see where the next big one will happen. The threats coming  from the anti-government gun fetishists are starting to hit a fevered pitch, and it’s really only a matter of time until another one blows.

People who stockpile weapons to someday kill U.S. soldiers and cops are not “sportsmen”. They’re not “enthusiasts”. And they’re sure as shit not “patriots”. They’re cowards and fools, and the majority of them, when presented with the opportunity, will not stand their ground against tyranny to defend their arsenal. They’ll hand over their guns and lawyer up. Just like that “tactical shooting” instructor on YouTube. When they came to take his guns, he chose court over death. Because he’s a loudmouthed fraud. But some of them aren’t, and when they pop, people die.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, as gun sales soar, the number of “gun owning” households is dropping. Which means more and more guns are being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. And many of those fewer and fewer hands belong to unhinged nutbags.

These people are a public menace. Even those who don’t act on their tough guy rhetoric are inciting others to do so. Wayne LaPierre, Glenn Beck, Ted Nugent, and every other venom spewing, conspiracy peddling, fear mongering scumbag on the right has blood on their hands. And when the next building is bombed, or the next cop is shot, they’ll be complicit in that as well.

All we can hope for now is to not be in the wrong place when it happens.

I finished up this photoshop yesterday, and then saw this on the Daily Show.

Daily Show NRA-conventionIt was a great piece, but I still like mine better.

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  1. May 26, 2014 8:54 pm

    I gotta agree – yours is much better. You better take a closer look at The Daily Show’s browsing history and claim some royalties.

    Thanks to the marketing skills of the NRA (they learned the lessons of Goebbels well; didn’t they?), the crazy-ass gun craze in this country is so far out of control, it’s beyond baffling and more like reverse evolution than “mission creep.”

    I keep waiting for natural selection to take care of some of the left-overs, but man is it taking a while.

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