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Representative Democracy and the Socialist Ideal of Power Redistribution

February 9, 2011

Because REAL populism is about Unity and Justice, not tea.

I’d like to posit a theory if I may…

There is a reason the Corporatists, Theocrats, and Neo-fascists on the right have spent the last three decades vilifying our government, destroying social programs, and gutting unions…

They hate real democracy.

They hate it because when real democracy is allowed to flourish, they lose.  They hate it because in a real democracy the people are informed and engaged, which makes them hard to lie to.  They hate it because in a real democracy they can’t discriminate against everyone they hate.  But most of all they hate it because real democracy redistributes power from the few to the many, and that’s fucking socialism.

Putting power in the hands of ordinary citizens to organize their own government and provide for the common good is the very essence of democracy, but it’s also really, really socialist.  The idea that people have the right to choose their leaders and to dictate how they will be governed is still a fairly radical concept in much of the world, and it scares the shit out of a lot of powerful people when the masses stand up and demand that right.  Just ask Mubarak and his cronies in Egypt.  As income inequality increases, social unrest also increases because power flows to money and vice versa.  When people are disenfranchised they have no power, which leads to economic inequality and social unrest.  If a nation’s people want to regain their economic equality they must first redistribute the power to the people via real democracy, then form a representative government that reinforces that power structure through industrial and tax policy built to benefit the people and their nation.   It’s a bit simplistic, but that really is the heart of democracy and socialism, and it has worked quite well in Europe for decades.

Redistribute power to the masses to provide for the common welfare and economic well-being of the people through democratic self governance.

That is anathema to everything the authoritarians on the right stand for.

That is why conservatives have attacked the demonstrators in Egypt.  That is why they actively suppress voter turnout in every election.  That is why they vilified and destroyed ACORN.  That is why their sock-puppets on the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United.  And that is why they will continue to destroy our government and then claim that the government can’t do anything right.

There is nothing they hate more than free and fair elections, following an honest debate, that reflect the true will of the people.  They know that they will lose that contest every time, because at its roots democracy is a socialist ideal, and in the end people want their government to work for them, not the wealthy and powerful.

Beck and Kristol Argument Caught on Video

February 8, 2011

Evidently there were some cross words yesterday between noted Evil Dumbfuck, “Bloody” Bill Kristol, and renowned Paranoid Lunatic and Confidence Man, Glenn Beck.  The roe was apparently quite heated with volleys from each side scoring critical hits.

This amazingly intelligent debate was caught on film by an alert pedestrian…

It is unknown if either man will be able to recover from such a brutal tongue lashing.  We wish them well.

Chamber Of Bloodsuckers

February 7, 2011

President Obama, in his never-ending quest for Village acceptance as a bona-fide Centrist, spoke to the Chamber of Commerce today about jobs.  Evidently they where able to find a room without windows for the meeting and thus avoided any unpleasant “combustion” of the attendees due to exposure to sunlight.

Evil has a name...

Obama urged the audience of business executives to “get in the game” and spend some of the trillions of dollars corporations have compiled in the past year on job creation. Indeed, much of the executive leadership of the Chamber has spent the past few years rewarding themselves with millions in additional compensation while eliminating American jobs.

Shocking, I know.

The only thing more shocking than Chamber of Commerce Executives sucking their workers dry for bigger bonuses is that our President seemed to actually think that they could be persuaded to stop, or at least slow down a bit, by simply asking them nicely.


See, the thing about bloodsucking, soulless ghouls like Donohue and his cronies at the Chamber, is that they look at humans as prey.  People are nothing more than a cost to be cut to increase profit margins, and no amount of bowing and begging is going to change that.  It’s just the nature of parasites and scavengers.  They’ve drained the lifeblood from the American worker, and are now feasting on the corpse.

Someone please sit the President down and make him watch this.

Maybe then he’ll stop embarrassing himself.

(Bela Lugosi in the original)

Adoration Of The Gipper

February 3, 2011

In remembrance of the birth of Saint Reagan, I would like to pay tribute to the 2012 Republican Presidential Wannabes.  May they always worship the Mythic Gipper and hold true to all that he supposedly stood for… even if he didn’t.


Have you ever seen Gingrich so happy?


From left to right: Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and of course Ruddy Giuliani

Happy 100th Ronnie, you demented, racist old bastard.

(Apologies to the Original)

The Curse of Mubarak

February 2, 2011

May his curse be lifted from the people of Egypt.

And his shambling, soulless husk be locked away forever, that he never again harm another innocent.

The problem with decrepit old monsters like Mubarak is that they never give up without a fight.

Here’s hoping for a brighter day for Egypt in the near future.

(Sincerest apologies to the incredible Boris Karloff who died 42 years ago today)

Hitting The Fan… Again

February 1, 2011

I really don’t know enough about it to give any piercing incite into the situation in Egypt, which is why it’s been a bit quiet around here for the last few days, but I will say that I am in full support of the Egyptian people in their struggle for real democracy.  I truly wish them the best.


How did this happen again!!?



I would however like to comment on our own government’s repeated lunacy of supporting dictators around the world.   It’s truly remarkable how we fail to learn from our mistakes over and over again.  Our ability to be completely surprised by world events that we’ve engineered through hubris and corruption is equally astounding.

When will we finally realize that we can’t prop up brutal puppet regimes as a bulwark against populist movements we don’t like, and then expect the people to just sit back and enjoy the torture and murder indefinitely?  That’s how Iran was made.  And Iraq.  And Afghanistan. And a dozen other dysfunctional nations whom with we’ve had a “special relationship”.  Of course the US isn’t the only western power with blood on their hands, propping up murderous sociopaths is a team sport.

For any who don’t know yet, the newly appointed Egyptian “Vice President” Mr. Omar Suleiman is a thug and a criminal, but he’s also our favorite CIA asset and the go-to guy for much of our torture out-sourcing.  He’s also quite popular with the Israelis, and our own State department.  Any open support of that monster by western governments should be met with howls of protest.  The Egyptian people certainly aren’t having any of it.  Good for them.

Conservatives of course are blaming the whole thing on President Obama (huh?) but can’t seem to agree on why, and the Neocons are all warning of dire consequences if we allow grubby masses of brown people to pick their own leadership.  Heaven forbid.  Par for the course with the hate-democracy crowd.  There’s just something about free and fair elections and representative government that the authoritarian fucksticks on the right simply can’t stand.

As the world gets smaller and populations increase, you can expect a lot more of this.  The huddled masses yearning to be free have been yearning long enough.  With any luck, some day soon our government will wake up to the fact that we’ve heaped our foreign policy shit pile into other people’s homes all over the planet for decades now and we shouldn’t be too surprised when someone finally turns the fan on to air it out.

Preaching the Randian Gospel

January 25, 2011

We are all in for a treat this evening.  Our grand leaders are gathering to address this mighty nation in a superb pageant of political posturing known as the State of the Union Address.  Apparently someone called “The President” will give a short introduction, which I understand will be  for entertainment purposes only, interspersed with boos, hisses, and the throwing of rotten fruit.  Then the real business will begin.

And verily I say unto you, government is thine enemy...

Our glorious Highpriest of Galt will be giving a powerful sermon on the tenants of the Randian Gospel, and laying forth his Great Plan to end our jobless suffering with the miracle of Tax Cuts and Deregulation.  All he will ask in return is the blood sacrifice of Social Security and Medicare, as they are an affront to the Randian Gods.

Praise be to Galt.

Let us not be tempted by the heretics who wish to sway the righteous with their dark powers of “numbers” and “math”.  Who strive only to discredit and smear the Great Plan as a ridiculous hoax designed to rob the masses and feed the rich.  Do not question the voice of Rand.

Praise be to Galt.

Come into the light of faith and rejoice, for we are all to be saved through the love and graciousness of Rand and her almighty Invisible Hand of the Market.  Heed the words of her prophet Paul Ryan and hold to the Great Plan.

Praise be to Galt.

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