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When Negotiating With Republicans

December 19, 2012


They’re just spoiled children playing dress-up.

GOP Dress Up

And you’re really only negotiating with yourself.

But sure enough, it looks as if Republicans have taken the offer as a sign of weakness, as a starting point from which they can bargain Obama down. Oh, and they’re not giving up at all on the idea of using the debt ceiling for further blackmail.

In other words, all of a sudden it’s feeling a lot like 2011 again, with the president negotiating with himself while the other side enjoys the process.

So Obama needs to draw a line right now: no further concessions. None. He’s already given too much.

Yes, this probably means going over the cliff. So be it: it’s less bad than the alternative.

This is what happens when a party of brick tossing, tantrum throwing, deluded children get to dress up like “statesmen” and take the country hostage without ever paying any consequences in the “Both Sides Are Equally Bad” media. They only get worse.

On Monday, they [the White House] delivered an offer to House Speaker John Boehner that included genuine concessions. They brought their revenue request down from $1.6 trillion to $1.3 trillion. They dropped their demand that the Bush tax rates expire for all income over $250,000 a year, offering a new threshold of $400,000 a year. They brought their debt-ceiling demand down from no more debt ceiling crises ever to no debt ceiling crises for two years. They agreed to some form of chained CPI as a way to cut Social Security benefits.

On Monday night, Boehner rejected their offer, and on Tuesday, Boehner unveiled “Plan B” — a proposal to walk away from the talks, vote on a plan to make the Bush tax rates permanent for all households with income under $1 million, and then go home for the holidays.

With every concession that is made they will demand more until they get everything they want. This isn’t some big mystery or surprise. It’s the same obstinate bullshit we’ve had to  put up with for the last four years.

The President needs to walk away from his “Grand Bargain” fantasy. Now.

There is no negotiating with spoiled children.  All you can do is make them to eat their peas or put them to bed.

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