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Another Symptom Of America’s Ongoing Illness

December 5, 2012
Senator Mike Lee is clearly in need of a nap.

Senator Mike Lee is clearly in need of a nap.

So yesterday, in the Greatest Deliberative Body In The World, this happened.

President-unelect Rick Santorum made his triumphant return to the Capitol on Monday afternoon and took up a brave new cause: He is opposing disabled people.

Specifically, Santorum, joined by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, declared his wish that the Senate reject the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities — a human rights treaty negotiated during George W. Bush’s administration and ratified by 126 nations, including China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

The former presidential candidate pronounced his “grave concerns” about the treaty, which forbids discrimination against people with AIDS, who are blind, who use wheelchairs and the like. “This is a direct assault on us,” he declared at a news conference.

Lee, a tea party favorite, said he, too, has “grave concerns” about the document’s threat to American sovereignty. “I will do everything I can to block its ratification, and I have secured the signatures of 36 Republican senators, all of whom have joined with me saying that we will oppose any ratification of any treaty during this lame-duck session.”

Our Senate, and our nation, were once again shamed by a group of right-wing lunatics tilting at U.N. conspiracy theory windmills.

Mike Lee is an unqualified buffoon who should never have been allowed near public office, and yet the good people of Utah saw fit to send him to Washington and inflict his unqualified buffoonery on the rest of us.

Thanks a lot, fuckers.

But that’s the real problem, isn’t it? We can scream and yell at the knuckle dragging clowns in Congress, but it was the knuckle dragging clowns at home that sent them there in the first place. Mike Lee is just the petulant, screaming man-child face of his petulant, screaming man-child constituents.

The shameful display on the Senate floor yesterday is yet another symptom of our nations ongoing illness. Namely, the careening decent into madness of one of the two major political parties of our two party political system.

It’s Arkham Asylum over there, and all the lunatics and psychopaths are running the place.

Black helicopter U.N. conspiracy theories have been around a long time. They used to be relegated to the Bircher crazies and the separatist gun nuts. But not any more. Now we get the distinct pleasure of hearing them discussed on the Senate floor as though they merit discussion and rational response.

They do not.

Staggeringly idiotic theories built on off-their-meds levels of delusion and paranoia cannot and should not be met with anything but revulsion and dismissal. Yet we now allow this garbage to scuttle years of work on an international treaty, and to make our entire nation a fucking laughing-stock.

This is deadly serious. We have allowed right-wing insanity to dictate our domestic and foreign policy for far too long. The consequences have been tragic, and the entire world has paid the price with economic turmoil and violence. This must stop.

As the world gets smaller through technology and population growth, America has a vital role to play in shaping our future as a species. We have huge problems that need our attention and leadership right now if we are to avert catastrophic climate change and food shortages. If we can’t start behaving rationally, and get our political house in order by putting the screaming children in the corner, we might as well kiss this rock we call a planet goodby.

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  1. December 6, 2012 3:40 pm

    Here’s an excerpt from a comment on my blog;

    “…However it seems to me to be symptomatic perhaps in a more extreme form of what politics has now become in the west. Political leaders seem to spend all their time in endless games of tactical manoeuvring and point scoring whilst the problems around them mount. Though the problems may look intractable they are in my opinion by no means unsolvable if there was a proper will and determination to solve them. The trouble is that the political class has become so absorbed by its political games and is now so hidebound and doctrinaire that it no longer seems to have the understanding or the capacity to solve them.”

    Although Alex was talking about politics in Hungary, he was talking about how their politics are coming to resemble western political brinksmanship, and could have been speaking of this very incident since it is such a good example of lockstep bloc opposition and review of issues along battle lines of party loyalty. Sad, because public service once was an honorable calling that compelled those who yearned to serve beyond the circle of family and community, but in a simlar vein. Now it is the refuge of scoundrels and indolents, whose first instinct upon taking office is self-preservation.

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