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Romney/Mola Rand 2012

August 11, 2012

Who didn’t see this coming? Of course Romney picked The High Priest of Galt as his running mate.

What other choices did he have?

A guy who somehow manages to be even more pasty, dull, and tasteless than Mitt.

An insane Congresswoman who’d have to be stuffed in a closet at Fox Nooze until the election was over to avoid an unmitigated disaster every time she spoke.

A morbidly obese ignoramus and bully from New Jersey.

A Bush administration hack who has zero name recognition and a long and easily exposed history of lies and idiocy.

A pathetic man-child who believes in demonic possession and sounds like Kenneth the Page.

A lying hypocrite from Florida who happens to be Latino, but doesn’t support the DREAM Act, and publicly stated he didn’t want to be VP.

The fact is, Romney’s campaign is a train wreck.  The only reason the race is close at all right now is that the media has been acting like stenographers instead of journalists for years, and the hatred of Obama from the right outweighs their distaste for Mitt. The only reasonable course of action for him at this point was to pick the one guy that the right really liked and was deemed a Very Serious Person by the beltway media Villagers. The fact that he is an unapologetic Ayn Rand cult leader is just icing on the cake.

Mitt Romney, as we all know, is a lying prick and Paul Ryan is a damned fraud. But what better living, breathing illustration of the modern GOP than a presidential ticket featuring a pathological liar and an ignorant fool. These two rich, smooth talking, white sociopaths ARE the modern GOP.

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