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Quit Hitting The Snooze Button

July 21, 2012

It is time to crack down on guns.

It was time yesterday. It was time last week. It was time last year. And the many, many years before that.

In 2009 there where 31,347 firearm deaths and 34,485 motor vehicle deaths. We license people to operate motor vehicles for reason. We’ve taken the rational stance that motor vehicles can be very dangerous when misused and have taken steps to protect society from harm. There is absolutely no reason why we cant expect adults who want to own and operate firearms to be licensed and trained and the firearms themselves to be licensed and tracked just like cars. It is madness that we have allowed people to stockpile such dangerous and destructive devises for decades with little to no regulation.

And people have died.


It must stop.

I’m sick to death of people wringing their hands every time we get one of these horrific wake up calls and saying “Now’s not the time to politicize this terrible tragedy”, and then hit the snooze button until the next one comes along.

Now is the time. If we can’t talk about rational gun regulation now, then we never will and the body count will keep rising.

Civilized nations do not allow this to happen. Civilized nations do not allow private citizens to buy 6000 rounds of ammunition ,100 drum magazines, and automatic assault rifles. Civilized nations do not blame senseless gun violence on “godlessness”. We are not a civilized nation, and it is the direct result of politicians who refuse to act to protect their own citizens.

Grow the fuck up and tell your Representatives and Senators that we’ve had enough. It ends here. How many more have to die? How many more shattered families and broken lives do we have to endure before we finally wake up.

Quit hitting the fucking snooze button, or this will only happen again, and again.


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