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March 22, 2012

Let it be known that I will never turn down an opportunity to pile on a Mitt Romney gaffe.

Just shake it and start all over!!

What’s truly remarkable about this whole situation is not that Romney is such an empty suit that the comparison to an Etch-a-Sketch is incredibly easy, it’s that he is constitutionally incapable of telling the truth about anything. Especially himself.

Willard Mitt Romney is a fucking liar.

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“Mr. Romney you said President Obama cut Medicare benefits, that’s a lie.

You said the administration raised corporate tax rates, that’s a lie.

You said President Obama has not signed any trade deals, which would be news to officials in South Korea, and Columbia, and Panama with whom the President has signed trade deals.

You said Americans are the only people on earth who put our hand over our heart during the playing of the national anthem, that is not only a lie, it’s absurd and it’s weird you would even say it.

What do you do with a candidate for president who lies even about the stupid stuff?”

Indeed, what do you do with a candidate who shamelessly lies with every breath that he takes?

Well for starters, If you’re a journalist working for a media outlet covering his campaign, you call out his lies every time he says them.

If you’re working for the President’s campaign, you take the fucking gloves off and start calling him a damn liar.

And if you’re a blue-collar nobody like me with a stupid little blog, then you photoshop him on an Etch-a-Sketch and swear a lot.

Jesse LaGreca had a great idea on twitter that I couldn’t turn down.

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  1. March 26, 2012 6:42 am


    ( Can you do one of Rick Santorum as the new Thor, with his mighty Uterus Hammer?
    I no has the Photoshop.)


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