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Don’t Let The Devil Ride

February 13, 2012

“Cause if you do, he’ll take over and drive.”

Today at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the group ProEnglish organized the panel, “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American identity,” and host Robert Vandervoort thanked CPAC for hosting the panel despite the work of “leftist thugs” who are trying to “shut down freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.” Vandervoort is a former leader of the White Nationalist group Chicagoland Friends of the American Renaissance, a racist magazine published by fellow White Nationalist Jared Taylor. Presumably, Vandervoort was referring to the efforts of the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights, which issued an alert on his background, and People For the American Way, which called on Republican leaders attending CPAC to denounce another panelist, Peter Brimelow, founder and head of the White Nationalist hate website VDARE.

So, in case you hadn’t heard, CPAC openly invited neo-fascist scum to their annual “political action” conference.

Prior to Brimelow’s talk, Vandervoort delivered a rambling speech from Serge Trifkovic (who wasn’t able to attend) that focused on how the “cult of non-white, non-male, non-heterosexual victimhood” and “multiculturalist indoctrination” is ruining the West. “The native Western majorities will melt away,” Trifkovic’s speech concluded, “Europeans and our trans-Atlantic cousins are literally endangered species. The facilitators of our destruction must be neutralized if we are to survive.” Afterwards, Rosalie Porter bemoaned the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act for giving too much political influence to minorities.

Brimelow stayed on message and warned that multiculturalism and bilingualism were “diseases” that could wreck American society as they empower minorities and suppress traditional American (read: white) groups. He claimed that Canada, which is officially bilingual, was a good example of how bilingualism becomes a tool of elites to help minorities (Quebecers) at the expense of the majority, and went on to call multiculturalism and bilingualism a “ferocious attack on the working class.”

And then there was the icing on the cake. (Videos at the link)

U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) made a surprise appearance on the panel to endorse a federal bill he’s sponsoring called “English Language Unity Act of 2011.” His bill would declare English the official language of the United States and would “establish a uniform English language rule for naturalization.”

Gee, I wonder how Michael Steele, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, or any other Republican minorities feel about this? Anyone?

How about Eric Cantor? These guys also have a thing or two to say about Jewish people.

More recently, has even begun to publish the writings of Kevin MacDonald, an anti-Semitic psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach. MacDonald accuses Jews of “dominating” the “movement to change the ethnic balance of the United States by allowing mass, non-traditional [i.e., non-white] immigration.” MacDonald writes that Jews, believing “the masses ha[ve] to be deceived,” frame their appeals in universalistic language that Jews would never apply to their own community. Behind those appeals is “the Jewish agenda.” MacDonald also mentions “the famously heavy Jewish role” in television news.

Now my knowledge of history may be a bit fuzzy, but I believe we’ve dealt with some people who thought this way before. Something about a second world war and internment camps and genocide. Remember all that?

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Eisenhower would roll over in his grave if he knew what has become of his Republican Party.

Millions of people suffered and died because evil, racist monsters like these were allowed to take power. Their despicable ideas are still illegal in some European countries for that very reason. It is absolutely unacceptable that one of the two major political parties in the United States of America is now openly embracing them.  It is absolutely unacceptable that the Republican candidates for President of the United States of America would show their faces at a conference where these people are invited to speak. It is absolutely unacceptable that a sitting Congressman of the United States of America would openly endorse these people.

When will it stop? How far is the Republican Party willing to go? It’s already started with the anti-immigrant laws in Arizona and Alabama. They want to cleanse the nation of immigrants, but won’t say how they intend to remove those millions of people. Trains maybe? House them in “camps” of some sort?  What about the other minorities they don’t feel are fit to live in “our” country?  What about the “liberal thugs” they endlessly complain about? To the trains with ’em, right?

The defining political story of our generation is the rise and utter collapse of the modern Republican Party. They embraced the Devil with their “southern strategy” under Nixon, sold their soul with the fundamentalists under Reagan, handed over the keys when they reelected George W. Bush, and finally surrendered the driver’s seat when they invented the “Tea Party”. Now that the car has plowed through the guard rail and over the cliff, everyone is wondering what the hell happened, but they refuse to acknowledge the answer.

More and more elected officials at the local, State and even Federal level believe in at least a handful of these theories.  The Truthers, Birthers, and Tenthers have really come out of the woodwork over the past couple of years, but the true believers have been around much longer than that.  The John Birch Society has been spouting some of this nonsense for decades, and the Christianists have their own brand of kooks from way back.  What’s changed now is the mainstreaming of this garbage by media outlets like Fox Nooze and Hate Radio, and of course the internet.

These myths start out as all myths do, they attempt to explain the misunderstood complexities of the world.  Fear of the unknown is part of the human condition, and fear is an incredibly effective motivator.  That’s what makes these conspiracy theories so appealing to the ignorant and angry.  When people feel threatened by something all the time they begin to hate that which they fear.  Manipulative con artists can then use that motivation to push a political opinion, urge social change, or sell a bunch of freeze-dried food and self-help books to dumb-fuck rubes.  Whatever the reasons for pushing this garbage, there’s no doubt that widespread belief in anti-government nonsense is utterly toxic to a representative democracy.

When a large portion of the public begins to believe that their government is out to enslave them and the only way to fight back is to be rage-drunk and armed to the teeth, it becomes very difficult to engage those people in a civil debate.  When they are utterly convinced that their neighbors are Marxist baby-killers, then what is there left to talk about?  When violent insurrection becomes an acceptable reaction to legislative and electoral loss, then it really is only a matter of time until someone acts on that idea.

They let the Devil ride.

Great clip from the Ed Show talking about this. (Sorry again for the ad.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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