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John & Eric

December 21, 2011

Nationwide crime sprees tend not to end well...

The Speaker of the House, in an apparent suicide pact with Eric Cantor and the radical wing of his party, has decided to drive the GOP off a cliff.

After staging a dramatic rebellion from GOP leadership, and putting the payroll tax cut at real risk of expiring, House Republicans are now taking an enormous leap of political faith. By nixing the broadly bipartisan Senate plan, they’re hoping to force Senate Democrats’ hand and bring them back to Washington to negotiate a 12-month extension of the payroll tax cut, in the final days of the year.

The gamble is three-fold: that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will cave; that Republicans will get a better deal in the next two weeks than they will in two months; and third, that if the payroll tax cut expires they’ll manage to spin their way out of the blame for it.

Part of that spin will rest on the convoluted procedure Republicans used to reject the Senate compromise. They didn’t give that bill an up-or-down vote. They gave it a down-or-down vote. The question before the House wasn’t “do you agree with the Senate bill?” It was “do you disagree with the Senate bill?” Thus a “yes” vote was actually a vote against extending the payroll tax cut and vice-versa; and even if the majority of the House had supported the Senate bill, it wouldn’t have passed. It was set up to fail.

Isn’t the term “Tax Cuts” some kind of goddamn mantra in the GOP?  Isn’t that the end-all solution to literally every problem in the world for them?  And yet the GOP leadership of the House are dead-set on killing a major middle class tax cut.  Strange right?

Oh, maybe it’s that little part about benefiting the middle class that they’re objecting to.

Whatever their true motivations are, whether it’s disdain for average working people or hatred of the President, it certainly has nothing to do with the “We have to negotiate this in conference!” bullshit  they’re spouting publicly.

Vince Morris, a spokesman for Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) notes the irony.

“Speaker Boehner says it’s important that the Senate agree to sit down and conference out the differences between the House and Senate payroll tax extension bill,” Morris says. “It’s worth noting that for nearly a year, Boehner has steadfastly refused to appoint conferees on the FAA bill. Chairman Rockefeller has asked repeatedly for the Speaker to appoint conferees. Instead he has been satisfied with a series of short term extensions. In fact, the latest short term extension expires in barely a month. If short term extensions are fine for the FAA, what’s wrong with a 2 month payroll extension?”

Imagine that, John Boehner is a lying asshole.

They’ve even lost the Wall Street Journal.

Senate Republicans say Mr. Boehner had signed off on the two-month extension, but House Members revolted over the weekend and so the Speaker flipped within 24 hours. Mr. Boehner is now demanding that Mr. Reid name conferees for a House-Senate conference on the payroll tax bills. But Mr. Reid and the White House are having too much fun blaming Republicans for “raising taxes on the middle class” as of January 1. Don’t be surprised if they stretch this out to the State of the Union, when Mr. Obama will have a national audience to capture the tax issue.

Most of that WSJ article is a smelly stew of revisionist history and outright lies, what do you expect, but it’s certainly targeting the House GOP and its leadership.  Oops.

Well I for one hope that John & Eric, and their dear friends in the house GOP enjoy their short ride right off the cliff, and the sudden, inevitable stop at the bottom.

(Original Poster for Thelma & Louise)

For the record, the Senate’s “compromise” two month extension is actually a really bad deal. Which is why it got such broad bipartisan support. I was just pointing out the unending stupidity of the House GOP’s intransigence.

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  1. December 21, 2011 4:37 pm

    Eric Cantor is no Susan Sarandon.

    But as for driving off the cliff, I’ll spring for the tank of gas.



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