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The Neoconean Hydra

May 10, 2011

The mythic creature awoke once again to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting populace.

So many heads... So little time.

In response to our Democratic President fulfilling his campaign promise to bring the world’s most wanted terrorist to justice, the Sunday shows decided that the only opinions worth hearing on the matter were those of the former administration, who’s catastrophic failure at bringing said terrorist to justice is the stuff of legend.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is what we’re up against people.  It’s a beast that only grows stronger with every disastrous mistake or horrific act of violence and injustice.

Thank you Corporate Media for allowing, yet again, the disgraced and discredited monsters of the Worst Presidency In History to defend their many crimes by lying through their teeth to the American public without response or debate.  Your utter failure as the fourth estate has once again been illustrated in striking detail.


My apologies to the fantastic Svetlin Velinov. Check out his work, it’s awesome.

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