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Just A Couple Of Wild and Crazy Guys

April 6, 2011

The new Conservative Hipster look

Who knew that two of the biggest frauds bobbing around in the conservative cesspool would be such dear friends?

Dontcha just feel the manlove?

BECK: Paul Ryan, you sir, you sir, I love you.

RYAN: I love you too.

BECK: You know, you’re from Wisconsin. you know who’s involved with these unions. They are communist, socialist, and revolutionary … What can you do to shut these revolutionaries down?

RYAN: Well, ultimately we have to win elections.

Isn’t that adorable?

Of course, as Digby noted, these two intellectual giants have been in a bromance for quite some time now.

In the mean time, Ryan’s “plan” to sacrifice the poor and elderly to his Randian Gods turned out to be everything we thought it would and more.  Don’t you just love Faith Based Economics?

Gosh. For a plan that supposedly sets a new standard of seriousness, Paul Ryan’s vision (pdf) depends an awful lot on unicorn sightings — belief in the impossible.

Ryan is assuming that everything aside from health and SS can be squeezed from 12 percent of GDP now to 3 1/2 percent of GDP. That’s bigger than the assumed cut in health care spending relative to baseline; it accounts for all of the projected deficit reduction, since the alleged health savings are all used to finance tax cuts. And how is this supposed to be accomplished? Not explained.

This isn’t a serious proposal; it’s a strange combination of cruelty and insanely wishful thinking.

That’s what a real Economist and Intellectual thinks about the High Priest of Galt and his insane proposal. Go read the whole piece, it’s jaw dropping.

Ryan and Beck really are made for each other. You’d be hard pressed to find two people quite as ignorant, cruel, and deluded as they both clearly are.  A true match made in heaven.

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