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Honesty Is Not a Virtue

March 14, 2011

Certainly not one held in high regard by our Media.

NPR cannot afford to look "partisan" you know...

It really is astonishing to witness how craven our national media can be.

NPR spokeswoman Dana Davis Rehm told David late yesterday that O’Keefe “inappropriately edited the videos with an intent to discredit” NPR. Still, she added, Schiller made some “egregious statements.”

As we said yesterday, those included Schiller calling the Tea Party a “weird evangelical” movement that has helped push the “current Republican Party” to become “fanatically involved in people’s personal lives.”

Of course the O’Keefe tape was a doctored smear job.  Who outside of mouth-breathing fox viewers and our tea-bag-polishing media thought it wasn’t?  But that’s really not the point of this whole sordid affair.  The real question that everyone should be asking is, did Schiller actually say anything about Republicans that wasn’t true?

At one point in the two-hour tape, Schiller is heard saying he had grown up as a Republican and prized its fiscal conservatism. But then he said that in his personal opinion, “there’s a real anti-intellectual movement on the part of a significant part of the Republican Party.” And, he’s heard saying that, “the current Republican Party — in particular the Tea Party — is fanatically involved in people’s personal lives and very fundamental Christian. … I wouldn’t even call it Christian. It’s this weird evangelical kind” of movement.

I hate to break it to the idiots in our corporate media, but the tea-baggers (aka the Republican base) are anti-intellectual fundamentalists, fanatically involved in people’s private lives.  Their little “movement” also happens to be infested with overt racists, neo-secessionists, flat-earth creationists, and tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists.  They should be met with nothing but derision and mockery, but for some damn reason no one is allowed to say so without losing their job.  Disgusting.

Is it any wonder that the O’Keefes of the world continue to prosper and be legitimized by these people when they have such disdain for anyone who actually speaks the truth?  They continue to treat that little weasel like a reliable news source while wringing their hands over the poor, picked-on tea-baggers being disparaged for acting stupid and crazy.  Oh the humanity!

Perhaps some good will come of this someday, as our grand-kids point to this dark age in journalism and hold it up as an example of how not to conduct the fourth estate.

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  1. March 15, 2011 9:16 am

    Strange how “Fair and Balanced” Fox News is not firing, OOPS, I mean accepting resignations from, any of their journalists who are on record saying that liberals are facist socialist Nazis, the military is secretly employing bombing patterns that will advance the Caliphate, and there is no explanation for the tides.
    Teabaggers can’t stand that they are spot-on being called out for their BS by people unwilling to be part of their propaganda machine……too bad there are so few of those straight shooters out there.

    • March 15, 2011 11:13 am

      Being a conservative means never having to apologize or admit when you’re wrong. Ever. That’s why our ass hole corporate media will not allow anyone to tell the truth about the tea-baggers. They cannot face the fact that the rage-drunk crazies on the right are a monstrous creation of the exact same pseudo-fascist, theocratic, corporatist bullshit that many in the media have been spewing for thirty-plus years now. If they ever had to own up to that fact, they would all lose their fucking jobs. And that would just be a tragedy, wouldn’t it?

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