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Chamber Of Bloodsuckers

February 7, 2011

President Obama, in his never-ending quest for Village acceptance as a bona-fide Centrist, spoke to the Chamber of Commerce today about jobs.  Evidently they where able to find a room without windows for the meeting and thus avoided any unpleasant “combustion” of the attendees due to exposure to sunlight.

Evil has a name...

Obama urged the audience of business executives to “get in the game” and spend some of the trillions of dollars corporations have compiled in the past year on job creation. Indeed, much of the executive leadership of the Chamber has spent the past few years rewarding themselves with millions in additional compensation while eliminating American jobs.

Shocking, I know.

The only thing more shocking than Chamber of Commerce Executives sucking their workers dry for bigger bonuses is that our President seemed to actually think that they could be persuaded to stop, or at least slow down a bit, by simply asking them nicely.


See, the thing about bloodsucking, soulless ghouls like Donohue and his cronies at the Chamber, is that they look at humans as prey.  People are nothing more than a cost to be cut to increase profit margins, and no amount of bowing and begging is going to change that.  It’s just the nature of parasites and scavengers.  They’ve drained the lifeblood from the American worker, and are now feasting on the corpse.

Someone please sit the President down and make him watch this.

Maybe then he’ll stop embarrassing himself.

(Bela Lugosi in the original)

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