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The Conservabot Model SARAH-2012

January 10, 2011

Just as a reminder to all the Corporate Media Personalities and Conservative Expat Pundits who are  now Shocked! Shocked I tell you, to find out that Palin and her followers are a bunch of batshit crazy numskulls, please remember:

The SARAH-2012. Slick and expensive, but prone to FAIL.

She’s doing exactly what she was programmed to do.

Just like every tool, she has her designed purpose, as do the spin-off models that support her.  It’s a bit ridiculous to act surprised when a machine does exactly what it was made for.  If you don’t want your robots using violent language and imagery to incite murderous rage in your more defective models, then perhaps in the future you shouldn’t overclock the Hate Possessor and hard-wire it to the Fear Module, especially when the operating system is a poorly compiled mess of false logic and corrupt data.

Just a thought.

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