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There Will Be Blood, Part Three: Hate Incorporated

January 9, 2011

A nine year-old little girl, a Federal Judge, and four other equally important and unique human beings are dead.  Fourteen others, including a sitting member of Congress, are laying in a hospital in agony.  This was not an accident.  There was no unfortunate set of unavoidable circumstances that led up to this tragedy.  The violence and murder committed in Tucson yesterday was cultivated, planned, and purposeful.  But, most importantly, it was paid for.

As I said back in October of last year:

No matter the outcome of the upcoming elections, these violent people are going to lash out. The constant din from hate radio and Fox Nooze over the last fifteen to twenty years has radicalized millions of social conservatives who, at one time were content with demonizing other religions and trying to censor music and television, are now “marching as to war” against anyone and everyone whom they perceive as Socialist-Nazi-Stalinist. This will not end with the election. If the Republicans retake the House, or both the House and Senate, it will only embolden these people to lash out. They will feel vindicated and righteous in doing so, and as their situation worsens due to the failure of Republican policies, they will blame the “others” and lash out even more violently. Coupled with the inevitable Congressional investigations of “scandals” within the Obama administration, breathlessly reported by the corporate media, these violent outbursts will only become more intense and ultimately deadly.

It happened much faster than I thought, but today I hate being right.

Unfortunately this despicable act will not prove a catalyst for change in the rhetoric from the right.  The impassioned pleas of the sane and reasonable among us will ultimately fall on deaf ears because of one inescapable fact; Hate is a billion dollar industry.  The reason it is such big business is because those who profit from it have spent decades creating millions of ignorant, inherently violent rubes who, like deranged smack addicts, can’t survive without their daily spike.

Let me be perfectly clear about this.  There is a sizable piece of the American public that may feel bad about the collateral killings in Tucson, but have zero problem with the violent rhetoric that led up to the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  They not only condone it, they actively engage in it and wholeheartedly believe it.  The terrorist who pulled the trigger yesterday in Arizona was a true believer.  He was not aiming at Gabbie Giffords the person, he was aiming at the caricature of her created by the Hate Industry.

The rank attempts to spin this into “just some crazy nut” and “both sides are equally to blame” stories have already begun.  The Captains of Hate cannot allow themselves to be held accountable for the words of their puppets.  If they ever had to admit to fault when one of their well fed lunatics regurgitates his breakfast all over the national news, they might lose a couple of percentage points on the quarterly report, and that would be the only real tragedy as far as they’re concerned.

There will be blood, again and again if we don’t put this act of terrorism right in the laps of Fox Nooze and every other conservative media outlet that has peddled nothing but bile and mendacity for the last twenty years.  Hate Incorporated has spent the last two decades building an army of deranged sociopaths who live on lies, fear, and rage, and now it’s time they take ownership of it.

Part One: Political Terrorism Part Two: American Fascism

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