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Villainous Greed

December 2, 2010

Given the Republican zeal to hold unemployment benefits, middle class tax cuts, and the new START treaty hostage while screaming for extended tax cuts for them and their rich friends; and given the outrageous amounts of working class tax dollars already handed to investment banks by the Fed over the last couple of years, a True Servant of the People would like to ask the Republican party and Wall Street a question…


Let’s be very clear about our situation.

The Republican party is standing in broad daylight threatening to destroy the already difficult lives of millions of unemployed Americans, kick our barely breathing economy back off the cliff, and endanger nearly all human life on our planet with nuclear annihilation…


After plundering our treasury and raping main street, now they put a giant fucking gun to our collective heads and scream “I want my million dollars or this bitch gets it!!!”

These people have turned into goddamn super-villains threatening the world with a death-ray.

What the fuck are the Democrats going to do about it?

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