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Chump Change We Can’t Believe In

November 30, 2010

I’m a big fan of the President.  No really, I am.  I think he genuinely cares about average people and want’s what’s best for our country.  He’s also a very intelligent and capable leader and easily one of the most talented politicians of our generation.  Which is why those of us on the left are so incredibly disappointed in him.  We didn’t vote for a damn chump.

President Obama is being played by the Washington and Wall Street elites who now surround him.  I cannot find any other explanation for his half-assed, less-is-more, above-the-fray nonsense over the last two years, not to mention his bizarre stance of preemptive capitulation on everything since Nov. 2nd.  He is clearly getting very bad advise from people who fall under one or more of the following categories:

  1. Unspeakably incompetent dopes.
  2. Cynical “Third Way” assholes who don’t give a shit about average Americans, are completely uninterested in addressing our nations enormous problems in any meaningful way, and then call themselves “pragmatists” who are “getting things done”.
  3. Obscenely wealthy hacks looking to protect their own power and pocketbooks.
  4. Saboteurs trying to scuttle the administration from within.

(Not an exhaustive list)

If the President has even a sliver of self-preservation instinct left in him, he should purge these people now, starting with his entire economics team.

Anyone who would advise President Obama that freezing the pay of federal employees during the worst economic downturn in nearly a century is a good idea, is beyond foolish or may be actively trying to destroy his administration.  Let’s weigh the consequences of this policy shall we?

  • Alienate the Democratic base… Check.
  • National media points out how ineffectual it is… Check.
  • Conservatives attack it as not nearly enough… Check.
  • Come off looking foolish and weak by buying in to right-wing myths while depleting talent pool for federal employment… Check.
  • Get absolutely nothing back in negotiations on future legislation… Check.

This seems to be the going criteria for most decision-making in the White House lately.  Very, very sad.

I try not go after the President on issues that are under the purview of Congress, as I believe our system should be run by the people’s representatives.  But when it comes to issues that are clearly under the control of the Executive, I expect a little strength and leadership.  Liberals like myself who worked, donated and voted for President Obama are not a bunch of spoiled children who want a pony.  We worked, donated, and voted for him to change the way the Executive branch functioned, because that’s what he promised to do.  Sure the President, as party leader, has a legislative agenda and a bully pulpit, and he should use the one to advance the other, but he has some serious house cleaning to do in his own branch first.

Clean house Mr. President.  Millions of voices called for serious change when we voted for you, and so far the results have been less than satisfactory.  I didn’t expect the economy to be fixed in under two years, but I did expect my leaders to act like Democrats and fight for working Americans, not hand over billions to bankers and then cry about deficits.  I didn’t expect the wars to end over-night, but I did expect them to end, not escalate.  I expected Guantanamo to be closed, not specious arguments for “indefinite detention”.  I expected immediate action on DADT, not hand-wringing and excuses.  I expected to see action on the promises made during the campaign, not spineless worship at the altar of bipartisanship.

If the President continues acting like a chump, he may well lose the next election, and that would be a tragedy for this nation.  It may be a terrible campaign slogan, but they are still better than the other guys.  The problem is, they have to prove it.  Fight for the change you promised ( start here) and the voters will respond.

Chump change ain’t gonna cut it.

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  1. November 30, 2010 8:32 pm

    Agreed. The U.S.S. BIPARTISANSHIP has sailed, and will not pass this way again. The President is wasting his time with “outreach”, since all he gets is a loogie in his palm every time. He was advised (in advice he’ll probably never see, from bloggers) way back when that trying for bipartisanship was a diversion, and to keep his foot down on the gas with the recovery rather than getting distracted. But he should have known better, even if many of his party are nerd duds who couldn’t sell Perrier in Dubai.

    He is indeed a smart guy, and a good deal better than hick America deserves right now, with its Tea Party squawking and breathless Sarah Palin Facebook confidences. That’s going to matter little if he’s defeated in the next election by yammering that the situation is out of control. It’s probably no coincidence that American business has enjoyed its best quarter of profits since the 20’s, but you won’t hear that over the drone of, “the country’s going broke, and Obama is a socialist from Kenya”.

    As usual – hell, as always – the country doesn’t know when it’s well off. Nice post, Aramis!

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