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The “Damn America” Agenda

November 29, 2010

The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is one of those rare legislative phenomenon known as a “sure thing”.  That was until the Republican party decided that they hate President Obama more than they love America.  Those on the right have come to the conclusion that in order to hurt the President in the run up to 2012, they must do everything in their power to ensure that America is as absolutely fucked up as possible over the next two years.  They have made no effort to conceal this decision.  In fact, short of taking out full-page ads in all the major news papers stating that they would rather see the U.S. burn then allow another four years of the Marxist-Kenyan-Muslim-Usurper in the White House, they’ve articulated their “Damn America” agenda pretty well.

The Damn America Agenda as stated includes but is not limited to:

  • Stopping any and all efforts to restore jobs to the unemployed or even to extend their unemployment benefits, allowing millions to fall into abject poverty, and pumping another couple of rounds into the bullet riddled corpse of our economy.
  • Holding tax cuts for the middle class hostage for use as a rubber hose to whip Democrats with in the 2012 election, unless the Über Wealthy get their $700 billion in unfunded tax cuts of their own of course.
  • Threatening to default on our national debt unless draconian cuts are made to Social Security, a program which does not add to the national deficit or debt, thereby exposing that they don’t give a fuck about our debt and have only ever wanted to destroy the New Deal.
  • De-funding any and all programs enacted under the Affordable Care Act, allowing insurance companies to discriminate against sick children and allow them to die in misery… again.
  • Blocking any effort to protect our free and fair election system from becoming just another corporate line-item expenditure.  I smell a new corporate tax deduction!
  • Fighting against any policy that will help America for fear it will make President Obama look good, even if it means turning into the political equivalent of crack dealers bleeding the projects dry just so they can drive an Escalade for a few more weeks.

Which brings us to New START.

When all but one Republican Senator refuse to sign  on to a nuclear arms reduction treaty that has unanimous backing from national security and defense leaders, as well as public endorsements from Republican giants like James Baker (former Sec. of State) and Henry Kissinger (War Criminal), something truly remarkable has happened to their party.  They have collectively lost their minds.

Arms control treaties have enjoyed some of the most lopsided bipartisan votes of any legislation passed over the last 20 years.

  • Moscow Treaty (approved 2003):  95-0
  • START II (1996): 87-4
  • START I (1992): 93-6

Now, for some reason half of our representatives in the Greatest Deliberative Body in the World cannot bring themselves to support another one that is an improvement in most aspects than the original treaty championed by none other than Saint Ronnie the Gipper.  What could have possibly happened in recent years?  What earthshaking event occurred to cause such a dramatic shift of ideals within the house of Reagan?

Oh that’s right.  We elected a Democrat as president, and a Marxist-Kenyan-Muslim one at that.

To understand the modern conservative movement that has always been at the heart of the Republican party, but now also controls the brain, you need only observe the actions of a deranged sociopath.  These are seriously dangerous people with zero regard for the well-being of those around them.  The failure to consent to the New START treaty will have real and lasting repercussions that will harm our nation and the world.

It will damage our delicate relationship with Russia at a time when our need for cooperation couldn’t be greater.  It will allow thousands upon thousands of nuclear warheads to go unaccounted for by independent verification and stifle the decades-long push for arsenal reduction.  Nonproliferation activities will be hindered leaving dangerous nuclear sites vulnerable to theft, which could have deadly consequences.  This is serious business, and it’s situations like this that illustrate why our country is in such dire straits.  If our leaders in Washington can’t pass something as incredibly important to world security as this treaty, than it’s no wonder we can’t deal with climate change, health care, or even build a decent goddamn rail system.  It’s pathetic.

History will not be kind to the sociopaths on the right.  If our past teaches us anything, it’s that those on the wrong side of progress will do all they can to stop it, but they will inevitably fail.  All the suffering and all the death they cause in their blind rage against science, reason, and compassion will come to nothing more than a scathing rebuke in the historical record of our future.  That is, of course, if we have any future left.

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