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F*ck You Gibbs

August 11, 2010

Oh goody! It’s time for our favorite game from Washington…

Punch the Hippies !!!

It never ends with these fucking people. They’re like teenagers who get nailed for doing exactly what they’re told not to do, and then scream and yell that the world is against them and blame their parents, friends, teachers, anyone but themselves for fucking up. Goddamn children.  They skip school, smoke, drink, steal, vandalize, and act like assholes 24/7 in some ridiculous charade to fit in with the cool kids, and what they don’t seem to realize is that the “cool kids” will never accept them.  All they do is piss off the people who care about them most.  It’s fucking infuriating.

We sent them to Washington to act like grownups and meet a certain set of expectations. They weren’t insane, unreasonable expectations, we just wanted them to do what they promised us they would do.  Here are a few of those reasonable expectations that they promised to do, and have fucked up beyond all recognition:

  • Comprehensive Healthcare Reform
  • Wall Street Reform and Accountability
  • Economic Stimulus and Job Creation
  • Restore the Rule of Law to our National Security Apparatus
  • Close Guantanamo
  • Prosecute Lawlessness, Including Torture
  • Stand Up to Right-wing Thuggery in Congress and the Media

These are not the wild-eyed ideals of drug addled crazies.  We haven’t asked for a Utopian society overnight.  All we wanted was a return to sanity, and just a little bit of morality, in our government.  We haven’t go it.

So Mr. Gibbs thinks we’re all a bunch of insufferable assholes because we expect the President to at least fight to achieve some of the above mentioned items?  He finds it unreasonable that we, who supported Obama with our time, money, and energy and fought back against some of the most disgusting attacks in the history of presidential politics, should feel a little upset over the multitude of broken promises and scapegoating we have had to endure from this White House?  Well I have only one thing to say to that…

Fuck you Gibbs.

If you (and many other Democrats) hate your base so much, don’t worry, the feeling is quickly becoming mutual.

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