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There Will Be Blood: Political Terrorism and Cowardice

July 25, 2010

Our nation witnessed an act of terrorism this week. The career and character of an innocent woman was blown to pieces live on television because yet another craven, lying asshole was empowered by the abject cowardice of the Whitehouse.

Again.  Just like the time before, and the time before, and the time before…

If you’re at all interested in the history of political terrorism in this country just start by looking at the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton. That is where the research was conducted and the book was written on how to destroy a person publicly through lies and innuendo without ever taking direct responsibility for those attacks, and thereby govern through terror from the secure reaches of the Fox News studio. Just ask Bill and Hillary, Van Jones, any ACORN worker, and now Shirley Sherrod. All victims of the same terrorist organization.

Some people would call it hyperbole to refer to these people as terrorists, or that it’s disrespectful to those that have died in violent terrorist attacks, but I disagree. Pushing political ideology through fear and violence, even if it’s not physical (not yet anyway), is still terrorism, and is just as destructive to democracy if not more so. Physical terrorism is horrific, but we have laws against it (flawed as they are), and we imprison or kill those who engage in it. Political terrorism is not only legal, but protected and rewarded. It’s also very, very dangerous when there is no one in a position of power willing to stand their ground and do what it takes to stop it.

I’m not advocating for a rendition program for evil lying scumbags like Breitbart, fortunately for him and all of the other wannabe fascist turds on hate-radio and Fox Nooze, Liberals actually DO believe in the protection of speech. However, because evil, soulless cowards like him are so dangerous, we cannot allow them to spew their bile unchecked. The way to stop political terrorism is to grow a collective spine and send the little bastards back into the sewer every time they pop their filth covered heads out of the hole. Remind everyone what evil, lying, despicable little trolls they really are every day. Giving an inch to these monsters will only empower them to hurt more people, damage more lives, and cause more fractures in our slowly crumbling democracy. After all, that really is the end goal of these well-funded sociopaths, to burn it all and be the rulers of a wasteland where the Corporate Oligarchs and Christian Fundamentalists can live out there white, pristine lives in an Orwellian dream world of free market perfection, under God.

Political terrorists will not stop. They will not apologize or see the light, and you certainly can’t reason with them. There is nothing short of handing our world over to them that will appease their irrational demands. The sooner Democrats get this and start pushing back, the sooner we can start moving forward again. Make no mistake, it’s a fucking war out here and you either fight or surrender. These people play for blood because if they don’t, they will have to actually face the reality that their ideology is morally bankrupt and completely insane. That is something that they cannot cope with. That is why they will watch this nation burn before they allow progressive ideas to succeed. That is why somebody has to fight them.

Given this administration’s penchant for rolling on their backs and pissing themselves every time one of these corporate backed smear merchants so much as sneezes at them, and the incredibly stupid and gullible, if not culpable media “personalities” who are more than happy to pass on every pile of festering rat shit that gets fed to them, it seems a bit hopeless that anything will be done about this by anyone capable of making a difference. The dirty hippies like me out here on the intertubes, screaming into the storm and banging our heads on the keyboard, can’t be expected to fight this by ourselves. A flashlight can chase away cockroaches, but it takes sunlight to keep them underground.

Believe me when I say that this will happen again. Another trumped-up scandal, another breathless Fox News Alert, and yet another cowardly capitulation by the “Bipartisan Consensus” crowd in the name of going-along-to-get-along. There will be blood, and if this administration and the Democrats in Congress don’t start fighting for keeps, eventually their target will be the president himself. They did it once and it got them eight years of deregulation, war profiteering, illegal spying, torture, and economic collapse. When they do it again, it will end us.

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