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Talk To The Hand, Sarah

February 7, 2010


That’s what the Tea Baggers paid to have their High Queen address the masses, and boy did they get what they paid for.  A piss-poor rehash of her vice-presidential stump speech, and a scripted “Q&A” session where she had to read notes scrawled on her hand to remember the answers.  Seriously. (Go to the link for pics and video, I don’t want to sully my page with her likeness.)

Is she even trying anymore?  Is this some kind of stunt?  How could you really be this dim?  Good god Sarah, how long does it take to prep for answering screened questions with boilerplate, bumper-sticker answers?  I know your damn talking points well enough to answer those questions without writing them down on my hand like a fucking junior high kid cheating on a history test.  Hey Baggers, if you got another 100 grand you want to part with I’ll spout some slogans at you for twenty minutes.  Here’s a free one:  “Sarah 2012: She Has Glasses. They Make Her Look Smart!”

Seriously Sarah, if you really cared about this right-wing populist “movement”, you would stay the hell out of it.  You have fucked up everything you’ve ever done, and this is no exception.  Leave the public speaking to the intelligent and capable people, and just retreat back to your facebook page to be fawned over by the rest of the rubes.  Believe it or not, there are intelligent people in the Republican party.  An endangered species to be sure, but they’re out there.  So please, Sarah, just go away for a while and enjoy the book money.  After all, that’s the one thing that turned out pretty well for you, and you know why?  Because you didn’t have anything to do with it.

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