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Billo and Rover Don’t Like Simple Questions

February 5, 2010

Billo the Clown and Karl “The Math” Rove brought the thunder after hearing about that pesky poll exposing the mouth-breathers in the Republican party.  They don’t like it dammit, not one bit…

What a display of rhetorical daring and skill.  I mean, labeling this poll a “fraud” when it was taken from a broad sampling of participants representing every region of the country and asked simple yes-or-no questions about their personal beliefs, and then not providing any reasoning or proof for that labeling takes real balls.

Karl’s complaint about the question “Do you think President Obama was born in the U.S.?” not having sufficient choices for answers was amazing. (And only 36% answered no! Hahahaha)  You’re right Karl, “Yes, No, or Not Sure” is not nearly an adequate amount of answers for such a complex question.  You could not possibly cover the breadth and nuance involved in such a query by simply answering yes, no, or not sure.  To adequately plumb the depths of the right-wing thinking on such a matter would require several answers, each more  compelling and persuasive than the next.  Tell us Karl, how would you answer that question?

This is ridiculous.  These guys should take one look at this poll and be off walking the halls of Fox Nooz patting each other on the ass for a game well played.  For christ sake, this is the crap they’ve been peddling for years now, and here’s rock solid proof that it’s selling big time to the rubes.  Give yourselves a hand boys that’s something to be proud of, isn’t it?  Or maybe not.

It has to be tough for the barkers over at Fox Nooz to constantly walk the tightrope between saying absolutely crazy things, and retaining a shred of legitimacy.  It’s really quite an act when they pull it off, but most of them aren’t even trying any more.  Their problem with this poll does not stem from any guilt about what they do for a living, but from desire to be seen as “thoughtful and serious” journalists.  This poll exposes the rank underbelly of lies that they’re actually selling, and that is a threat, not to their viewership who will never quit watching, but to how they’re perceived by everyone else in the media.  Personally, I don’t think they have anything to worry about.  Anyone who could think less of them won’t, and those who would think less of them, already have such a low opinion that it can’t get any worse.

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