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On Spotting The Rubes…

February 3, 2010

An interesting occurrence yesterday that coincided nicely with this observation was the release of a new poll conducted by Research 2000.  The poll, commissioned by Daily Kos, asked over 2000 self-labeled Republicans for their thoughts on some of the more, uh-um, questionable ideas being pitched by most of the loud Barkers on the right.  Needless to say, it was a revealing list of statistics.  Here are a few of the nuttier ones..

  • 63% think Barack Obama is a socialist, 16% are unsure.
  • 36% do not think Obama was born in the U.S., 22% are unsure.
  • 55% are not sure if ACORN stole the presidential election in 2008, 21% are sure of it.
  • 77% think public schools should teach bible stories instead of science, only 7% unsure on this one.
  • 23% think their state should secede from the U.S., 19% are unsure.  (My personal favorite)

That’s just five of them, there are 25 questions total.  Check out the cross tabs and demographics.  Fascinating, in a morbid and disgusting sort of way.

So how do you spot a Rube?  Well I can say without a doubt that anyone who believes  any of the ideas listed above is an absolute Rube.  They have swallowed, hook line and sinker, everything the Barkers have fed them.  Everything.  These are the folks that join Amway, and send their bank account numbers to Nigerian princes (or televangelists).  Absolute gullibility.

Do you want to know what they won’t believe though, no matter what?  The truth.   You can demonstrate without a doubt that they have been fed a line of bullshit, and they will never believe it.  That’s how you spot a Rube.  They will never believe that everything they’ve been told by the Carnival Barkers like Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly is absolute nonsense, because if it doesn’t fit into their shallow, ignorant, and repressed worldview, or feed on their fears and prejudices, they cannot accept it.  They are Rubes.

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